Milk Brands, LCE Rally The 'Great American Milk Drive'

Since April, Feeding America has partnered with U.S. milk companies and dairy farmers to create The Great American Milk Drive, a $12.5 million multi-year integrated national campaign that seeks donations of gallons of milk through the Internet or text message (text "Milk" to 27722). 

Now, IPG’s Lowe Campbell Ewald -- serving as the creative agency for the Milk Life campaign -- is helping to raise awareness for September's Hunger Action Month, timed to coincide with the key back-to-school drive period.

The outreach includes national advertising, earned media, retail and local market activation, on-package messaging, influencer outreach, social media, public relations and Hispanic targeting. 

In-store awareness is a key priority for the effort. The campaign's research finds that 67% of its target demographic (and 56% of all adults) view the grocery check-out counter as the main place they would be likely to donate.  Hence, retailers, including more than 2,000 Kroger Stores, are featuring The Great American Milk Drive at their check-out counters.



Meanwhile, the color and tagline of Hunger Action Month is "Feeding America orange," so online users are encouraged to turn their social media profile orange and share pictures of their orange style with @FeedingAmerica using the hashtag #HungerAction. There are also call-to-action directives via the milk social channels, including Facebook and @MilkLife on Twitter.

Although the general creative for the Milk Life campaign shows how starting the morning with milk can help power the potential of every day, the current creative focuses specifically on children and how they benefit from drinking milk in the morning. The campaign continues to use visually impactful milk splashes, created with graphic and animation technology, to bring to life how families who include milk’s protein at breakfast make the most of their day.

Earlier this year, the Milk Processor Education Program pivoted away from its long-running "milk mustache" campaign that originally launched in 1993 to launch this Milk Life initiative.

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