DoubleVerify Ups Video Game, Launches Suite Of Video Ad Quality Tools

DoubleVerify on Monday announced the launch of Video+, a suite of digital video ad quality tools intended to help marketers combat fraud and other shady tactics. Included in Video+ are brand safety tools, viewability measurement, engagement measurement and ad blocking.

A company representative told Real-Time Daily that components of three of those offerings -- brand safety, video viewability and engagement -- are new services of DoubleVerify.

The brand safety component of Video+ measures the quality of the video content the ad is running in, per a release. Prior to today's update, the company had only been able to measure the quality of the page the ad was served on, not of the video content itself, per the rep.

DoubleVerify had previously been able to measure the viewability of both display and video ads, but today's announcement included updates to its video viewability offering. The company previously provided video viewability data only on ads placed through Innovid's platform -- thanks to a partnership the two companies struck earlier this year -- but it now can measure viewability across any video ad server.



In addition, the company can now "authenticate if the video ad is played in its entirety or only partially,” the rep claimed. “If partially, we are able to measure the portion of the video ad that was actually played. The length of time a video ad is actually seen is especially critical since with most video ads, the branding occurs later in the ad than with a one-dimensional display ad.”

In terms of engagement, Video+ measures whether or not the video ad was user initiated or an auto play, and whether or not the ad is playing in the background with sound on or off, according to the rep. “We are also able to detect if a digital ad is being played within an inferior format such as a display unit or in a game, when the advertiser paid for a premium video pre-roll integrated within a video content article,” the rep claimed.

"Video player" image via Shutterstock.

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