NEW! HP Launches #FindRalph To Find Kid's Missing Iguana

hpThis is the kind of kid you want on your side if something goes awry. When Kevin's pet iguana Ralph goes missing, he doesn't just tack up a handful of fliers in his neighborhood, he uses every HP product he can get his hands on to bring his beloved iguana home. First, he starts with a 20-second video, where he holds up a flier of Ralph and asks viewers to use the hashtag #FindRalph if they see or find him. We see the lengths Kevin goes to in finding Ralph in "Lost Iguana." Not only does he make color copies of fliers, he uploads a video online, creates a color poster that's twice his size and enlists his neighborhood friends to place posters on any vacant storefront or telephone pole. Later that night, things get digital when Kevin powers digital billboards and a blimp with Ralph's adorable picture. The next morning, Ralph is returned. See it here. The social search continues at where users can check a map to see clues where Ralph has been. Twitter users can follow HP to guess his location and enter to win HP products. 180LA created the campaign.

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