Finally, Google Releases Data On Voice Search

It has become so much easier to pick up a smartphone and say "Okay, Google" before using voice search to seek information, compared with trying to type a long query into a tiny little box. It's become such as natural extension of everyday life that 55% of teens between the ages of 13 and 18 use voice search daily, according to a study released by Google Tuesday.

The Mobile Voice Study, commissioned by Google and conducted by Northstar Research, gathered responses from 1,400 Americans, including 400 teens from age 13 to 17 and 1,000 adults age 18 and older. The study asked participants to give their opinions about voice search for technology, and explain how, where and why they use the mobile feature.

Fifty-six percent of adults said using voice search makes them "feel tech-savvy." Some 38% of both teens and adults say they talk on their phones while watching TV, and 41% wish voice search could help them find the remote control. (Someone should tell them there are apps that make the smartphone the remote.)



Ironically, one in four adult smartphone users have never used the mobile voice function on their phones, though 76% of all Americans think voice search is great for multitasking, and 22% of teens claim to use it when in the bathroom.

Some 40% use voice search to ask for directions, 39% use the feature to dictate a text message, 32% use it to make a phone call, 23% of adult Americans use voice search when cooking, 51% of teens and 32% of adults use voice search just for fun of it, and 27% use voice search to check the weather.

Interestingly, when survey participating were asked to pick one thing they would like to ask their phone to do, 45% of American teens selected among the multiple choice answers "Send me a pizza." Adults wished they could ask their phone to find their keys. (There's likely an app for that.)

It turns out Northeasterners do the most searching through voice capabilities, with 50% using it at least once daily. Some 28% of Northeasterners and 26% of Westerners are the likeliest to use voice search while cooking.

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  1. Steve Gibson from Canvas WorldWide, October 16, 2014 at 11:53 p.m.

    The percentages are interesting and I think they can change quickly. I recently started using "Hey Siri" and now I am conditioned to use it. Basically, I went from 0% usage to 75% or more usage. Text message, taking notes while driving and making phone calls are my top three.

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