Univision Unveils New Hispanic Research Panel

Que Crees by UnivisionWith more and more marketers focused on reaching the U.S. Hispanics population, media companies are rolling out new research capabilities to provide insight into the habits and preferences of this burgeoning market. In the most recent development, Univision Communications unveiled a new digital survey panel, called called Que Crees? (What do you think?), created in collaboration with SSI, specializing in market research technology.

The panel is recruited from Univision subscribers and offers incentives to panel members, in the form of rewards, to participate in surveys. Typical incentives include small cash payments or points which the respondent can convert to an electronic voucher, gift vouchers, and experience vouchers.

SSI panels are over 90% proprietary, according to the company, meaning it doesn’t share panelists with other market research organizations; it operates a total of 62 similar panels in 86 countries around the world.



Rick Alessandri, Univision executive vice president for enterprise development, stated: “Hispanics are driving a demographic boom in the U.S. with impact across virtually every sector making it more important than ever to have reliable data to understand this vital consumer group."

As noted this is just the latest in a series of new research offerings from media companies and agencies. Earlier this year, Pulpo Media, a cross-platform digital media network targeting Hispanic audiences, unveiled a new acculturation model that combines online and offline data to create more targeted segments within the overall U.S. Hispanic market.

Pulpo is incorporating the model into its Ocean Platform and Planner Product, due out this summer.

In 2011, Marketing Research Services Inc. unveiled an acculturation model for the Hispanic population that incorporates attitudinal and behavioral dimensions. It also takes into account how long the individual has lived in the United States, their age when they moved here, the size of the Hispanic population where they live and work, and their degree of access to Spanish-language media, among other things.

And in 2012, uSamp unveiled a proprietary Hispanic consumer research panel, which aims to help marketers reach this growing audience through both traditional and online media. The panel is broken into market segments that distinguish between acculturated and less acculturated Hispanics.

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  1. Genesis Toralba from ASU, November 3, 2014 at 6:35 p.m.

    Univision has always been a favorite of mine, and I have also participated in some of the surveys that they have in their website. But it is just great that they are now more involved with the Hispanic community and wanting to know more about them. Even though some people refuse to think so, Hispanic are becoming more and more known in the United States, and are also very cooperative when it means a reward will be handed to them. For example, like the article stated, if a survey is completed, the reward is cash or points, and everyone is just looking for ways to make money, or save for that matter. For example, I do surveys not because of the money, which I rarely take surveys that pay, I do them because I like to give feedback and pinpoint things that are going good, as well as things that can change. My opinion is one in a million, but it still counts. The level of research they are doing is way more interesting and makes people want to participate, because it will only mean that Univision will try to accommodate them instead of the other way around. The “Que Crees?” survey panel is a great way to start things off and getting different opinion of the same product but from people who have different points of view. It is also a great way to get people involved and make them feel like they are being helpful in one way or another. Good job to Univision for doing this.

  2. Isaac Pedroza from Arizona State University, November 4, 2014 at 1:56 a.m.

    The Hispanic community is always growing drastically. It has quickly become a asset to speak Spanish in the U.S. in order to communicate with a wide variety of people. Although Hispanics aren't as technology advanced as other but they are learning and quickly adjusting to using technology for everyday tasks. Considering how connected the United States is to Mexico the things that people use are starting to become common or they get passed among each other. The main reason for this is because many people go back and forth from Mexico and the U.S. which they also pass on customs. Technology is quickly making its way to Mexico and people are being able to use it and understand it more.
    With the big hype of the IPhone many Hispanics get really excited about this brand and the capabilities of it. By using technology and researching what Hispanics like really helps businesses because Hispanics are becoming the main crowd to be aware of. With the growing population we must pay attention to whom is going to be spending money this upcoming holidays. Companies must prepare for these times because this is when they will be making their money.

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