'Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare' Buzz Explodes On Social Media

If the big social-media buzz is any indication, "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare" is set to break all sales records this holiday season.

In a single day, this past weekend, the latest installment of the popular gaming franchise prompted 187,127 mentions across Twitter, blogs and forums -- four times as many as the 2013 edition, "Ghosts," per new data from We Are Social.

In terms of pre-release social buzz, "Advanced Warfare" appears to have little competition. Its closest competitor, Titanfall, generated 90,761 social mentions in a single day, while FIFA 15 inspired 53,547 mentions, and Destiny generated just 43,001 social mentions.

“‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ far outperformed its competitors in terms of buzz on social channels,” Prashant Mistry, senior research and insight analyst at We Are Social, said Wednesday. “If the hype on social translates into sales, it should be a happy Christmas for ["Call of Duty" creators] Activision and Sledgehammer.”



Not all the chatter around "Advanced Warfare" is positive, however. On the contrary, a full 14% of mentions were negative. Mistry attributed all this negativity to gamers still smarting from the disappointment of "Ghosts," which they felt was overhyped.

Among all related topics, a limited-edition “Day Zero” version of "Advanced Warfare" garnered the most mentions -- 15,405 -- on November 2, according to We Are Social. Kevin Spacey, who is prominently featured in the new game, only earned 817 mentions.

Worldwide, social conversations also indicated a strong preference for the Xbox platform, which dominated conversations with a 59% of share of voice. PlayStation followed behind with a 33% share of voice.

The most used hashtag was #advancedwarfare with 27,533 mentions, followed by #dayzero (12,141 mentions) and #codawlaunch (5,181 mentions).

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