Integral Moves Into Japan Through Partnership With Yahoo

Yahoo Japan has announced a partnership with media measurement firm Integral Ad Science to bring additional brand safety measurement tools to its ad offerings. The partnership marks Integral’s first foray into the Japanese market.

"Following successful launches in many other international markets, Integral Ad Science is thrilled to formally launch our operations in the Japanese market," stated Bryan St. John, SVP international of Integral. "Partnering with [Yahoo Japan] allows us to properly cater to the local market and customize the product to its specific needs. We are looking forward to working with [Yahoo Japan] and relying on their local expertise.”

According to a release, Integral has invested “significant resources” into creating a brand safety product tailored for Japanese marketers. Integral’s made-for-Japan tool will be plugged into Yahoo Japan’s demand-side platform (DSP), per a release.



Included in those “significant resources” is a new office that Integral intends to open in Tokyo in Q1 2015. Integral plans to offer its full suite of products available to the Japanese market.

"Integral Ad Science is a recognized industry leader for its innovations in the brand safety capabilities that we'll be applying," said Osamu Aranami, corporate officer, president of marketing solutions company of Yahoo Japan. "We're excited to team up with them given the need in the Japanese marketplace for this technology and the benefits it will provide to the marketers working with us.”

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