Real-Time With Videology's Castree, Freshly Poached From MediaVest

Programmatic video ad platform Videology on Friday announced the appointment of Tim Castree as managing director, North America. Castree joins the ad tech firm from MediaVest U.S., where he served as chief operating officer.

“The fact that Tim, an agency veteran, has decided to join Videology and recast his career in technology is significant in several ways,” stated Scott Ferber, chairman and CEO of Videology. One of those ways, Ferber estimates, is that the move serves as a “testament to how intricately bound technology has become with marketing.”

Real-Time Daily caught up with Castree to discuss his transition from an agency to an ad tech company and more.

Real-Time Daily: Why move from an agency company to a tech company?

Tim Castree: This felt like the natural next step in my career. Six years ago I made the transition from leadership roles in creative agencies to media agencies because I saw them as the epicenter of innovation and transformation in the agency business. I still believe that today. Now I see the central role that data-driven enterprise platforms will play in shaping the future of our business and I wanted to be right in the middle of that. Videology gives me a front row seat.



RTD: Isn't a move like this -- an executive from an agency moving to a tech vendor -- exactly what agencies and holding companies fear? Where are they going to find and retain talent?

Castree: I spent over 20 years in the agency world, and my decision to leave was not a reflection on agencies’ future, but rather a personal choice about where I wanted to spend the next stage of my career. Agencies are reinventing themselves to respond to changes in the marketplace, and for those who want to be part of this reinvention, many agencies (my old one included) still offer a vibrant environment that is ripe with opportunity and strategic thought leadership. But the marketing ecosystem has expanded and there will continue to be fluid movement between agencies, clients, publishers, and data & technology vendors. Ultimately this is healthy and will expand the talent pool for all. It’s not a one-way street.

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