This Ad Exec Is Going to Spend 48 Hours in A Kennel With A Live-Tweeting Dog

Bizarre. It's really the only word I can come up with for the stunt from Pittsburgh ad agency, Brunner. Working with the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, the agency is sending its chief growth officer, Dan Wald to the dogs.

Along with 8 other volunteers, Wald will spend 48 hours in a kennel alongside for-adoption animals. And right in line with the bizarre nature of this stunt, Wald's bunkmate "Rooney," a 9-year-old, 64 pound Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix will...wait for tweet the experience and share stories about how down on his luck he is getting stuck in a cage with...gasp...a human!

Yes, it's a fundraising effort and Wald's supporters have pledges $1,000 so far. Additionally, for each retweet a @RooneyBowWow  tweet receives, Brunner will contribute $1 to the cause. Hey, that's about as cool as guys buying ornaments to hang in their beards!



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