Banana Republic Appeals To Procrastinators

As retailers approach the 11th hour, Banana Republic is making a final play for procrastinators, offering the world’s last-minute Lucys same-day delivery, taxi rides and even helping hands from TaskRabbit.

Dubbed “The Procrastinators Event,” the unusual promotion comes at a time when more consumers — 79% versus 75% last year, according to American Express — are planning on last-minute shopping. Banana Republic is pulling together such additional outside service providers as Curb, deliv and SHYP, with freebies to make the final assault on Holiday 2014 a little less painful. Anyone shopping at a Banana Republic store gets a $30 credit from TaskRabbit, a $25 gift wrap and shipping credit with Shyp, and a $20 credit with car service Curb. And for online shoppers, it is offering free same-day delivery.



“Everyone is busy during the holidays, so we’re here to help treat our customers to perks that make their shopping experience a pleasure,” says Chris Nicklo, VP of Marketing at Banana Republic, in its release. “Everyone deserves a hand during the holidays and we know what it’s like to shop down to the wire for the loved ones on our list.”

The latest American Express Spending & Saving Tracker also finds that in addition to dragging their heels on holiday shopping, 64% of those in its survey plan to shop on Dec. 26, spending on average of $192, up from $188 last year.

“Americans are spending steadily over a longer period of time, willing to hold out for better deals, even planning to hit the stores even after Christmas to get the gifts they want at the right price,” American Express says in its announcement.

It also reports a sharp increase in holiday “selfies,” with 74% reporting that they have already shopped for themselves this season, with 53% describing those purchases as impulse buys. Among the biggest increases: facials and body treatments at spas, up 233% since 2012; manicures and pedicures, up 143%, and new shoes or accessories, up 130%.

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