Google's Experiential Nest Campaign Creates A 'Home In The Sky'

Nest Labs, a Google-owned company, launched its newest experiential marketing campaign with the focus on what life would be like if electronics were more thoughtful and greener.

The Thoughtful Things campaign turned a Squaw funitel into a "Home in the Sky." The Nest Express, similar to a gondola, was transformed into a living room complete with a cedar wood interior, custom-wrapped benches, framed artwork and of course, a Nest Learning Thermostat and a Nest Protect that greets passengers. The first guest on the Nest Express daily leading up until Christmas will receive a wrapped present from the company.

The Nest thermostat talks to a captive audience for the duration of the ride up the moutain. The campaign will run through the 2015 snow season as part of a partnership between Nest and Squaw Valley to save energy across the village and business offices in Olympic Valley. Nest Express was developed by the Nest Creative Studio an in-house design and creative lab. It was produced by Roundhouse Portland Oregon.

The idea came from a green home in Lake Tahoe built by Tony Fadell, Nest Founder. In fact, the birth of Nest was, in a way, inspired by the home. The campaign returns the company to its roots. Familiar with Squaw Valley's sustainability initiatives -- which focuses on decreasing carbon footprint, increasing efficiency, and education surrounding climate change -- made the partnership a great fit.


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