Twitter Adds Mobile Analytics To App

In the age of Twitter, everyone has a public voice. Managing and monitoring one’s voice, popularity and personal “brand” have become commonplace, and social networks are offering more sophisticated tools to do so.

Adding to its existing monitoring services, Twitter is adding mobile analytics to its iOS app. Users can now track mobile impressions; engagement, along with the percentage of people who have favored their tweets; and the share of people visiting their profile via particular tweets.

Professional marketers and average users alike now have access to a “Tweet activity dashboard,” which displays Tweet data to help increase engagement levels, and their overall popularity on the network.  

To access the Tweet activity dashboard, however, users must first have access to Twitter Ads or Twitter Analytics.

For Twitter, better data-tracking tools are key to strengthening relationships with users, marketers and developers. Appealing to the latter group, the social giant recently rolled out a suite of tools to make it easier for programmers to build, distribute, monitor and monetize their apps.

Twitter remains a key component of many marketers’ social media efforts. In fact, a full 70% of Interbrand 100 companies have at least 100,000 followers — up from 58% in the fourth quarter of 2013 — according to recent findings from social media analytics and measurement start-up Simply Measured.

Even more encouraging for Twitter, users appear to be more comfortable than ever engaging with brands on the social network. During the third quarter, Simply Measured recorded 7,266,497 @replies, Retweets, and favorites of brand tweets — excluding brand-posted retweets and @replies. As a result, engagement with brand tweets was up 83% over the fourth quarter of 2013.

The Next Web first reported on the new analytics offering, on Monday.

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