Nearly 20% of Internet Users Share Video Ads Regularly

As video continues on its rapid growth path, marketers will surely continue to look for ways to understand viewers’ video ad consumption habits. That includes sharing of videos across the Web. Marketing technology platform Unruly recently released some datathat sheds light on how many consumers interact with video ads.

Unruly found that a certain portion of consumers are avid sharers of video ads. About 8.6% of Internet users share video ads daily, while 9.3% share video ads weekly. Together, these folks comprise the so-called “super sharers.” This group is responsible for more than 80% of total video shares. In addition, the speed of sharing has doubled in the last year.

Consumers are most inclined to share a video when it hits one of two emotional triggers, the report found. In the United States, the most popular triggers that will drive social sharing of video ads are happiness and humor. Overall, 61% of Americans share video ads on Facebook.

While the bulk of social sharing usually takes place on Facebook, brands are seeing a good number of shares on Twitter,  Google Plus, Pinterest, and even by email. That’s why Unruly recommends that video ads be created for the so-called “open Web.” That means video ads should have sharing features enabled, so viewers can share the video no matter where they watch or view it.

These findings also underscore the importance of early targeting of a core group of users who are most inclined to spread the message. Targeting super-sharers offers the greatest chance of virality.  Remember that 42% of shares occur in the first three days, so a strong start is key. Finally, if the goal is widespread sharing, it’s best to focus on the happiness trigger, Unruly recommends. That emotion has the greatest potential to translate across borders, whereas humor may not always work.

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  1. Leonard Zachary from T___n__, January 14, 2015 at 2:41 p.m.

    Question: How do the major TV broadcasters facilitate this sharing advantage with their audiences?

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