Rentrak, WPP's Kantar Shopcom Strike Data Exchange Deal

Movie and TV audience measurement company Rentrak has struck a deal with WPP’s Kantar Shopcom to integrate retail purchase data and information into its portfolio of measurement services. The deal includes multi-sector purchase transaction data and information for over 300 million U.S. consumers into its television viewing measurement.

Similarly, Kantar Shopcom will integrate Rentrak’s TV viewing information from millions of U.S. households with its purchase transaction information.

This new partnership follows Rentrak’s acquisition last fall of Kantar Media’s US TV measurement business.

The companies said the latest deal would provide advertisers, agencies and TV networks with the ability to not only target, but also monitor effectiveness of their marketing to retailers and brands. It will also allow customers to translate TV impressions and actual merchant sales dollars to better understand the effect TV and digital companies have on results on retail sales.



Chris Wilson, president of national television at Rentrak, said the agreement would “help move the marketplace to targeting with consumer data that can be used to measure the results of an advertisers media buy.”

Rentrak's television ratings service is an integrated system of detailed satellite, telco and nationwide cable TV viewing information from more than 31 million TVs, and Video on Demand from more than 117 million TVs in the U.S. and Canada. Kantar Shopcom leverages purchase behavior data for 300 million U.S. consumers to create syndicated and custom audiences for targeted advertising programs. 

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