Mophie Bets On Exciting Super Bowl

When looking to build a brand, one might as well do it on the biggest stage. 

Mobile battery case maker Mophie will be looking to make a name for itself with a spot during the Super Bowl. The spot is the brand’s first-ever television commercial. 

“We’re in a unique situation,” Kevin Malinowski, marketing manager for media, tells Marketing Daily. “Mobile power is one of those situations that everybody deals with. But the reality of the situation is that people don’t even know the solution exists.”

Details for the ad are still under wraps, but the fourth-quarter commercial will address the issue of running out of power without a true hard sell for the brand, Malinowski says. “It will have branding, but it will focus on the issue and highlighting it as a whole,” he says. “As [a category leader], we have a responsibility to grow the category. At the end of the day, we can’t continue to grow unless the category grows.”



The company is betting for an exciting game, offering a sweepstakes to award more than $1 million in Mophie products if the game goes into overtime. (If the game doesn’t go into OT, the company still plans to give away more than $10,000 of its product.) Although no Super Bowl has ever gone into overtime, the company’s research indicates that one in every 17 NFL games goes into overtime.

“We’re looking at 'overtime' as an example of ‘extra time,’” Malinowski says. “It’s an opportunity to take advantage of that.”

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