Datanyze Builds Browser-Base Lead-Generation Tool That Identifies Email Addresses

Datanyze, a two-year old startup backed by Google Ventures and Mark Cuban, on Wednesday will launch a free browser extension for Chrome that brings the power of data-driven marketing to the masses. Ilya Semin, the company's CEO, calls it a lead-generation tool.

Data is changing the way marketers gather leads. The browser extension, Insider, shows users specific information about the company while they are on a specific Web site, such as revenue, number of employees, and social profiles. It also reveals anyone's email address with a few clicks. With the combination of the first and the last name, the technology can guess the email address. It also checks social profiles to see whether the email address is registered.

There were obstacles for the startup, because each Web site uses HTML a bit differently. It was a challenge to make sure the plug-in works with every Web site, Semin says. The extension works with Chrome and Firefox, but not yet Internet Explorer. This version just works on desktop, not mobile.

Users can find the extension on Datanyze's Web site. The first 10 email addresses are free, but after that the cost rises to $10 per month. The tool provides an option for marketing and sales professionals as well as search engine optimization professionals, recruiters, those working in public relations, and bloggers.

For any company or contact, Insider allows users to export their information into Salesforce in one click. When users export contacts from LinkedIn or any company Web site, the tool creates a new lead, contact or account.

Datanyze originally built a Web crawler to identify the technology that Web sites use as well as a company's competitors, allowing companies to reach out to perspective clients. The platform will show a user all the Web sites supported by Marketo, for example, explains Semin. 

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