Programmatic Video Coupled With TV Drives Best Results For Campaign recently ran a national campaign through television and digital video, using TubeMogul as their programmatic video ad platform.

Following the campaign, and TubeMogul measured the “brand message recall” of the audience via surveys. Unsurprisingly, those that saw the ads both online and on TV were most likely to recall the brand message.

Of consumers that saw the ad on TV only, 32% recalled the brand message, compared to 34% that only saw the ad online. More (39%) that saw both TV and digital video ads from the campaign recalled the brand message.

The graphic above also shows that 11% of consumers that didn’t see either ad were able to recall the brand message, which seems odd. However, the data was collected via a survey, and it's possible the consumers were able to correctly guess the recall question: “Which of the following hotel providers, if any, uses the following message in its advertising? 'The Obvious Choice.’” They also may have seen the tagline elsewhere (such as in print).

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