Turn Adds New 'Deal ID' Partners For Mobile, Video

Demand-side platform (DSP) Turn on Thursday added several new “Deal ID” integrations to mobile and video supply partners.

“Deal ID” is a combination of direct and programmatic trading. Publishers and advertisers agree to the outline of a deal beforehand, but the trade is still carried out via real-time bidding (RTB). The advertiser’s bid in a “Deal ID” trade is flagged as important, giving them priority in the auction based on the previously agreed upon arrangement.

Turn’s new video and mobile Deal ID partners include Opera Mediaworks, Rubicon Project, PubMatic, Teads, Tremor Video and Yieldlab. Turn had existing Deal ID partnerships for display inventory with several of these companies, including Rubicon Project and PubMatic.

“These important new partnerships bring the best of all worlds to marketers -- access to unique mobile and video inventory with the flexibility and control of private deals and the efficiency of programmatic,” stated Maureen Little, SVP of corporate and business development, Turn.



The company says it is now plugged into 17 inventory supply partners for Deal ID.

Turn first announced mobile and video Deal ID partnerships nearly one year ago, when they partnered with Google’s AdX for mobile inventory and LiveRail for video inventory.

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