WWE Digital TV Pays Off

One traditional TV-centric brand is seemingly making a nice extension into a digital stand-alone TV service: WWE.

Just under a year after its launch, WWE Network has pulled in over 1 million subscribers, which the company says makes it the fastest-growing digital subscription service. For $9.99 a month, WWE Network offers a number of previous pay-per-view events, original series, reality shows, documentaries and other content — more than 2,000 titles in its video-on-demand library.

WWE says there was a 37% increase (24%, domestically) in subscribers since the end of third quarter 2014. Much of this came from a successful free November promotion, the launch of the service in the U.K. and additions for the “Royal Rumble” pay-per-view event.



The company says almost 90% of subscribers access WWE Network at least once per week, with 99% access WWE Network at least once per month.

WWE’s stock price seems to reflect this positive news. While the stock market was steeply down — almost 400 points on Tuesday for the Dow Jones Industrials at one point — WWE’s stock was up 15% to $12.10 in midday trading.

New stand-alone digital TV services say they are focusing on those currently not buying TV through traditional TV providers, those looking for lower cost TV alternatives, or potential cord-cutters — anywhere from 5 million to around 15 million, according to analysts.

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