Mediaocean Integrates With Facebook's Atlas, Enables Access To 'Cookie-Less' Ad Serving Data

Mediaocean, which processes much of Madison Avenue’s data and is increasingly getting into software and data applications, this morning announced a deal to integrate Facebook’s Atlas ad server to help its agency clients deliver “cookie-less,” “people-based marketing.”

By hooking Facebook user’s profile and log-in data to its relaunched Atlas ad server, Facebook will enable advertisers and agencies to target individuals with unprecedented personal information, leading some agencies to call the play a “Google killer” and making it one of the reasons that MediaPost named Facebook our Media Supplier of the Year.

“Without having to depend on cookies, Prisma users can leverage the channel and conversion reporting, as well as measurement tools to more effectively plan and optimize campaigns,” Mediaocean said in a statement announcing the deal. “With Atlas technology and information gleaned from real people and actions – Prisma users have new insights to better reach and influence consumers across devices, platforms and publishers.”

Interestingly, Mediaocean originally was one of the companies bidding to acquire Atlas when Microsoft put it on the block in 2012, but ultimately passed because it didn’t see it as a long-term strategic fit. But Facebook has essentially relaunched the entire platform.



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