Relive It: Kanye West Goes Up Against Creative Directors In Quote Game

Kanye West. The man simply cannot keep his mouth shut. Kinda like some impassioned creative directors spouting bits of wisdom to their followers. With that bit of similarity, New York-based agency Concept Farm launched "Who Said It? Kanye West or Your Creative Director." Basically, it's an online guessing game that awards you points if you correctly guess who said a particular phrase.

Describing the approach, the game description reads: “Kanye West has 21 Grammys. Your creative director won a Cannes Lion in 1996. They both talk like they’re God’s gift to the earth, but the lines have gotten so blurred that it’s hard to tell who said what. Until now.”

While the site has been around for a while, it's received quite an increase in play since West almost pulled another Taylor Swift stunt on Beck at this year's Grammy's.




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