AdMobix Adds Native Support To Mobile DSP

AdMobix, a mobile marketing firm that has a demand-side platform (DSP), on Thursday announced it has partnered with four new supply-side platforms (SSPs). Additionally, the company has added native support to its platform.

Among new supply sources plugged into Yocto, adMobix’s DSP, are Opera Mediaworks, TapSense, engage:BDR and PubNative.

Ionut Ciobotaru, PubNative’s co-founder, claimed in a release that less than 10% of all mobile demand supports native formats.

Kent Keilback, CEO of adMobix, told Real-Time Daily that 15% of its supply is currently native today, but that number is growing because “many of [adMobix’s] existing supply partners are also opening up native as an option.”

“Demand is currently in line with [what Ciobotaru said]; hovering right around 10%” added Keilback. “We expect that to scale as well as supply increases.”

Programmatic native has made large strides in the past three weeks alone. Since mid-February, the IAB has released its specifications for programmatic native advertising, comScore CEO Serge Matta joined Nativo’s board of directors, PubMatic added native to its stack of offerings, as did Google’s AdMob.



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