Marriott Launches Online Travel Guide

Marriott International, Inc. is launching an online travel guide via a link on its Web site.

The goal is for Marriott Traveler to provide consumers with more meaningful travel destination content and information in a compelling way. It will include destination and travel content that aims to be unexpected, informative, and definitely not the kind that is usually found in tourist guides.    

Many travelers begin their planning process by researching destinations and the best ways to experience them before seeking out hotel accommodations. With that in mind, the thematic content will include art, music, fashion, wellness, family, food and drink among its topics.

It will be authored by multiple sources, including digital influencers, such as YouTube travel expert Sonia Gil, author of Sonia's Travels, and by the Marriott Creative and Content Studio, writing partners, Marriott Rewards Insiders community and Marriott's own associates. All the content produced will be original and bylined by the actual author -- never ghostwritten.



The publication will offer consumers authentic travel stories from across the world written by local and global influencers who are passionate about where they live and where they travel, says David Beebe, Marriott vice president, creative and content marketing,

“The concept behind Marriott Traveler fits neatly into our worldwide content strategy of developing engaging content that builds communities of people and drives commerce to our hotels,: Beebe says in a release. “It is our belief consumers appreciate well-crafted content that provides value to them, and they in turn will provide value back to us."

The guide is a joint effort between the Marriott Creative and Content Studio and Marriott Digital. The travel and lifestyle publication expects to launch nearly 300 pieces of destination content over the next three months beginning with these popular locations: New Orleans, Chicago and Orlando. Plans are in the works to add more cities globally.

Marriott Traveler should appeal to younger business and leisure travelers who want to experience something unique during their travels and share their adventures with their social networks, says Andy Kauffman, vice president, digital marketing &

Guests will be able to interact with the content through a new dedicated section of ( or through blogs and social media channels for Marriott and its brands – Google+, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.

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