The Rise Of The SSP For Programmatic TV

In Monday's RTBlog, I wrote about the expanding programmatic TV marketplace, but perhaps I should have waited until Friday, because the industry went through another growth spurt through the course of the week.

The supply side of the budding programmatic TV ad industry received major reinforcements this week. A new player entered the fray, and two companies saw their pockets get deeper.

Clypd, a leader in the space, announced Thursday that it has closed a $19.4 million Series B round of funding led by German broadcaster RTL Group. Clypd has now raised a total of $30 million.

Clypd also gained new competition this week, as Videa, a Cox-backed SSP for TV, announced its plans to launch at the NAB show in Las Vegas next week. Specific financing terms were not released, but Videa’s President, Shereta Williams, toldAdweekin a recent interview that Cox invested “north of $10 million” in Videa.

Videa claims to have an impressive group of partners already in place, including Gannett, Raycom, Media General, Graham Media, and Cox on the supply-side as well as Carat/Amplifi and Starcom on the buy-side.

Videa has also partnered with Mediaocean, an ad management platform. The broadcast inventory from Videa's SSP will be made available through Spectra, Mediaocean’s platform. Videa will focus on selling local broadcast media via programmatic, per a release.

It was a big week for the SSPs -- old and new -- of the television world. Competition is healthy for any market, and it gives both buyers and sellers more options. There’s also a fresh $30 million now in play for hirings, expansion and tech advancements.

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