Rubicon Completes Chango Acquisition

Less than one month after Rubicon Project announced plans to acquire Chango, an intent-based marketing firm, the deal -- worth approximately $122 million, primarily in stock -- is officially complete.

“This acquisition enables Rubicon Project to bring intent marketing budgets to an independent, open marketplace that serves premium buyers and sellers at scale for the first time,” stated Frank Addante, CEO, founder and chief product architect at Rubicon Project.

Chango’s technology track consumer intent based on searches and content, and marketers can then serve tailored ads based on that intent.

In addition to bringing intent-based marketing technologies to Rubicon’s offerings, the Chango acquisition accelerates the “Buyer Cloud” Rubicon has been building for the buy-side of the market (the company started as a supply-side platform, but has since transitioned to serve both sides of the market). Addante stressed this point -- saying the addition of Chango speeds up Rubicon’s Buyer Cloud initiatives “by more than a year” -- when speaking with Real-Time Dailylast month.



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