Rentrak Promotes Rubik, Analytics Platform For Advertisers

Rentrak is pushing a new TV analytics platform, Rubik -- a product that can give advertisers the ability to “analyze viewing patterns,” as well as advertising exposure and the products that viewers use.

The company says this information can be used to buy against Rentrak's TV audience ratings.

Rentrak says Rubik is already in use with 10 major national TV networks and one major agency holding company. Rubik contains Rentrak's “advanced demographics,” which merges TV viewing with information about the products that consumers buy, including the cars they drive.

Rentrak says the product will allow networks and advertising agencies to understand and identify target households. In addition, it can combine different segments into a campaign target to reveal custom reach and frequency reports.



Bill Livek, vice chairman/chief executive officer, stated: “Rubik allows clients to perform complex analytics that help unlock the value of television programming and advertising content with viewers as the target."

Rentrak's television ratings service comes satellite, telco and cable TV viewing information from some 32 million TV homes -- projected to the total U.S. Its TV products include granular marketing/media data for TV stations and cable networks in all 210 local markets and nationally.

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