Komoona Wants To Reroute All RTB Demand To One Platform

Aiming to simplify the programmatic landscape, Tel Aviv startup Komoona on Friday introduced what it’s calling the “RTB Router,” a mega-SSP of sorts that aids publishers with ad sale optimization.

The company claims the “Router” is plugged into all of the major supply-side platforms (SSPs) and ad exchanges on the market, though the company declined to name a single one of its integration partners when queried by Real-Time Daily.

This thoroughly opaque PR approach aside, Komoona asserts its “Router” gives publishers the ultimate level of transparency when selling inventory through programmatic channels. Serving as the eye in the sky, the “Router” analyzes all demand sources at once and is able to cherry-pick the best (read: highest) bid of the bunch.



“Programmatic buyers are buying the exact same impressions via the different SSPs and exchanges at significantly different rates,” declared Komoona CEO and co-founder Yair Solomon in an earlier statement. Solomon explained that this happens for three main reasons: the different levels of competition on the varying exchanges/SSPs at any given moment; the different user data each platform makes use of; and the unique optimization strategies of each platform.

Komoona’s technology, Solomon said, is able to learn the patterns and behaviors of these buyers, and is able to then “route each impression to the highest bidder across the landscape.” Real-Time Daily is told the new “Router” technology will be available predominately in the U.S. and Europe.

Komoona is not the first company to stack tech on top of tech in the name of optimizing optimization, nor will it be the last. But the idea behind the “Router” does reaffirm the fact that advertisers, publishers and ad tech companies are all looking to streamline the process of programmatic ad-buying.

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