Audience Partners Receives Voter-Targeting Patent

Audience Partners, an ad management company that uses programmatic technologies to reach potential voters, has received a U.S. patent for its voter-targeting technology.

The patent, the company's second voter-targeting related patent to date, "incorporates a broader use of political demographic and voter data within programmatic ad systems," per a release. 

In other words, Audience Partners is making moves to bring cross-screen programmatic advertising to the political advertising world. Cross-screen advertising is a meta trend that is sweeping through the industry at large. 

Political advertisers, Audience Partners asserts, are looking to do more than just run ads on TV and radio. According to a recent Strata survey of political agencies, this is true. But that doesn’t mean TV and radio are now forgotten.

In fact, the Strata survey noted that spot TV/cable will still command the vast majority of political ad budgets, and will be the primary focus for 82% of political agencies. The same survey also noted that Internet/digital advertising is now tied with radio as the No. 2 option for political advertisers.

For political advertisers looking to ramp up their digital advertising efforts, nearly all (85%) intended to use programmatic technologies target specific voters, per the Strata survey.

“We expect to see this trend continue throughout the 2016 political season and beyond,” stated Jordan Lieberman, president of the CampignGrid division at Audience Partners.

By the looks of it, Audience Partners is not alone in that expectation. The company is far from the only one making moves in the digital political advertising space. There has been a rush of activity in this area, all of which was highlighted in a recent RTBlog.

Again, political TV advertising is not going anyway, but it’s clear that digital is arming its forces: Patents are being awarded, digital ad tech companies are opening political-focused offices and digital political spend is already increasing -- and the election is still over one year away.
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