Heavy Broadcast Promos, 'Blood & Oil' Leads Pack

TV networks continue to heavily use their airwaves -- and associated cable networks -- this summer for new fall shows when it comes to marketing and promotion.

One of the biggest efforts has been around ABC drama “Blood & Oil,” which has had 201 national TV airings of promos (92 in prime time) from June 1 through August 21 with an estimated media value of $7.84 million, according to iSpot.tv.

Right behind "Blood" is a new drama from NBC, called “Blindspot” -- 675 national airings (on the NBC network as well as many NBCUniversal cable networks), with 203 in prime time, which has overall estimated media value of $7.77 million.

Another big drama for ABC, “Quantico,” has seen 216 airings, estimated to have a value of $6.4 million. Also, ABC’s “The Muppets” has tallied $4.9 million through 224 airings of promo spots and “Dr. Ken” has run 130 spots, with some $4.0 million in value.

NBC has also given much promo time/effort to new variety show “Best Time Ever,” which started up with its first promo in May, and now has had a total 275 national airings with a value of $5.7 million.



Other NBC efforts include “Mr. Robinson” with 283 spots and $4.7 million, “The Player” at 209 airings and $3.6 million, and “The Carmichael Show” had 159 airings and $2.2 million.

NBC’s “Heroes Reborn” started up its marketing efforts at the Super Bowl in February. That Super Bowl promo has seen 67 airings and $1.7 million. Newer promos for the re-launch of the show, starting June 27, have aired 104 times with a value of $642,700.

CBS has given a big push to “Code Black” -- 285 national TV airings with a value of $4.2 million. “Life in Pieces” was at 229 airings and $3.7 million, with “Supergirl” at 102 airings and $1.61 million; “Angel From Hell” has seen 71 national promos airings and $1.58 million.

Fox has aired 1,116 national airings through all its networks for “Grandfathered” and some 254 airings in prime time with a value of $5.6 million. “The Grinder” posted 1,643 airings (287 in prime time) with a value of $4.8 million. “The Minority Report” has benefited from 1,519 airings (261 in prime time) with a value of $4.1 million.

Other big summer promo activity for Fox has gone to “Scream Queens” -- with 1,635 national airings (275 prime time) with a value of $2.7 million, and “Rosewood” with 1,136 airings (230 in prime time) and $2.4 million.

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