T&S: 'Creative Careers Are Short. Cheat On Your Partner'

The hacking of Ashley Madison has thrown infidelity and cheating into the headlines and now The Terri & Sandy Solution (T&S) is playing off of this concept with the "Ashley Madison Avenue" website to enable creative people to “cheat” on their agency partners. That is moonlight on the QT or maybe even find another full time gig. 

The site invites copywriters and art directors to write profiles and find partners that are also looking for anything from a "minor diversion to a major affair"--meaning freelance to permanent work projects. 

See the site here

It is a real site and T&S expects real people - not just bots as rumored to be the case with the other Ashley Madison-type sites - to create profiles. The site launches with dozens of industry professionals under names like OxfordCommaSnob and WillWork4Pharma. 



Everything about the site is a parody that riffs on the other Ashley Madison. For instance, Ashley Madison's colors are fuscia and white, and Ashley Madison Avenue's colors are the same. Ashley Madison's main image has a woman putting a finger over her lips making a "shush" sound, whereas Ashley Madison Ave's main image has a hipster ad guy making a "shush" sound.

And Ashley Madison's tagline is Life is short. Have an affair.” Ashley Madison Avenue's version is “Creative careers are short. Cheat on your partner.” 

While T&S fully intend for this site to serve as an industry matchmaker, it also highlights the agency's ability to create quickly. T&S conceived and executed the site in five days and the entire agency is currently promoting it across social media.  

"Creative partnerships are the most important part of our business and finally we are giving license for other creative partners to ‘Cheat and Have Fun’," says T&S Founder Sandy Greenberg. "We want to see people laugh, write profiles and get creative."


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