Updated: DoubleVerify Clients Join AppNexus 'Spend Protection' Program

Editor's Note: The article has been updated to reflect that the AppNexus spend protection program remains in beta; the initial version of this article incorrectly stated that it had exited beta. The initial version of the article also incorrectly implied that DoubleVerify was the exclusive measurement partner for the program; Integral Ad Science is also a measurement provider for the program.

Programmatic ad tech firm AppNexus last year released a money-back guarantee program that has since been renamed the “AppNexus Spend Protection” program. Through the program, clients can get back what they paid if the inventory purchased is not up to par.

That spend protection program remains in beta, but it took a step forward this week when DoubleVerify -- one of the two media measurement firms that are used to verify the inventory (the other being Integral Ad Science) -- announced that several of its clients are now partaking in the program. Included are Adtegrity, Choicestream, Magnetic and Varick Media Management.



The program ensures that buyers won’t be charged if DoubleVerify or Integral find that the inventory purchased via AppNexus isn’t up to snuff. AppNexus’ “quality criteria” includes non-human bot fraud levels, invalid traffic, pornographic content or misrepresented domains.

AppNexus and DoubleVerify have been partners for some time. Earlier this year, the two companies teamed to bring DoubleVerify’s pre-bid data -- i.e.,  data that is intended to tell a marketer the quality of an impression before the bid is place in a programmatic exchange.

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