Freewheel Starts Council For Premium Video

Looking to mark a clear distinction among the wide variety of digital video content, video ad tech company Freewheel is starting up an organization for “premium video." The FreeWheel Council for Premium Video looks to foster premium video providers -- mostly traditional TV and media networks.

The council will evaluate areas of concern, look to accelerate the advancements of premium video, and propose new standards/guidelines, among other things. Freewheel says the group is not a trade association.

Initial members of the council include ABC, A+E Networks, Comcast, Discovery Communications, ESPN, 21st Century Fox, NBCUniversal, Turner Broadcasting System and Univision Communications. Freewheel is owned by Comcast.

Doug Knopper, co-founder/co-chief executive officer of FreeWheel, said in a release: “FreeWheel is taking a stand along with our council members to advocate, inspire and promote an open dialogue among marketers and standard-setting bodies.”

Digital media-buying and selling executives have long complained about measurement standards and delivery of video content, especially with regard to advertising messaging.



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