Email Marketers Invest In Social Media Ads For Greater ROI

StreamSend, an email marketing service, today released a paper outlining the top email marketing strategies that boost ROI. Marketers that use email in tandem with social sharing drive six times more revenue, according to the report.

“Social sharing buttons have been proven to push click-through rates 158% higher,” states Dan Forootan, president of StreamSend Email Marketing. “With over 1 billion social media users, adding the power of social media to your email strategy can produce large campaign response lifts.”

Ad revenue this year is expected to total $2.1 billion at Twitter, $6.1 billion at YouTube, $16.2 billion at Facebook and $60.4 billion at Google, according to a study by RBC Capital Markets and Ad Age.

The report also concludes that the majority of marketers plan to invest in more social media advertising in 2016.

Instagram ranked as the top social channel marketers planned to invest more advertising in (72%), while Facebook (61%), Pinterest (41%), Snapchat (36%) and Amazon (34%) also look favorable to marketers.

Google is still No. 1, however, and 14% of respondents spend more than half of their online marketing budgets on the newly named Alphabet. Only 7% of advertisers stated they were not planning on spending advertising dollars on Google this year.

Social media and email are expected to continue to be powerful channels for ROI.

Social media marketing, Web site, and email are the top three marketing channels that offer marketers the greatest opportunities for next year, according to a recent study by Oracle marketing Cloud and Econsultancy. Only 1% of marketers thought print media offered a good market opportunity.

Over the next year, 57% of marketers responded that a company’s Web site was their biggest priority over the next year, followed by email (48%) and social-media marketing (42%).

The study states that the number of email users worldwide is currently 2.6 billion and is expected to grow to over 2.9 billion by 2019.

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