More Pot Pubs Change Hands

With cannabis now legal for recreational use in four states and for medicinal use in dozens more, marijuana-related media is riding high (get it? No, really: do you get it?).

Consumer and business-to-business media companies focused on pot are launching and trading hands at a steady clip. In the latest example, announced the acquisition of KindReviews from Shift Cannabis Co.

The deal gives access to KindReviews’ online resources, including one of the world’s largest collections of high-definition cannabis photography, otherwise known as “pot porn”. It also picks up an extensive library containing profiles and reviews of different cannabis strains, articles and interviews, as well as KindReviews’ social media channels.

The acquisition will bolster’s content offerings as it seeks to position itself as an all-in-one destination for people interested in marijuana, ranging from tourists planning travel to states where pot is legal, to home growers looking for information about different breeds. launched as an online resource for marijuana enthusiasts living in or visiting Colorado. With the spread of legalization, it has extended its coverage to include marijuana business and cultivation in Washington, Nevada, and Oregon, with plans to add more states in the near future.

As noted, marijuana media is growing fast. (I almost said “like a weed,” but I didn’t).

Last month, rapper Snoop Dogg launched an online media company called “Merry Jane” devoted to his favorite member of the Cannabaceae family. In August, the publishers of The Tasting Panel and The SOMM Journal launched The Clever Root, a new quarterly magazine about the world of “growables,” including cannabis.

On the social media front, social network Massroots allows users to share all kinds of content, including recipes for edible marijuana and technical information. Another app, Leafly, provides information about marijuana strains, products and legal sellers, including myriad user-generated reviews. Legal pot e-commerce is also a fast-growing area, with players like the Where’s Weed app.

There are also radio programs: the National Marijuana News produces a talk-radio program about pot, while is a podcast covering all matters weed-related.

A number of cannabis industry trade publications have also launched, including Marijuana Business Media, CannaBusiness Media and the CannaBusiness Leader Newsletter.

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