• Google Helps Publishers Prep For Chrome Ad Filter
    The tech giant will avoid draconian bans in favor of policing targeting the most egregiously annoying formats and delivery mechanisms.
  • 'High Times' Magazine Sold, New Options For Print, Digital
    A group of buyers, including Oreva Capital, is purchasing High Times magazine, the iconic literary symbol of the marijuana counter-culture founded in 1974, valued at $70 million.
  • 'NYT' Drops Public Editor, Counts On Public To Vet News
    However, the newspaper's management has decided that it no longer needs an in-house gadfly, arguing that social media has brought a level of scrutiny to online journalism.
  • 'NYT' Gets Traction With Newsletters
    What's old is new again! Arguably the first online medium, email is getting another look from publishers thanks to the success of email newsletters, ranging from targeted publications targeting niche audiences to general interest pubs with circulations rivaling the biggest newspapers.
  • 'Smore,' New Science Mag For Girls Launches
    Many of the most popular titles for girls are aimed at advice about fashion and beauty. 'Smore' targets girls ages 7-12 with a range of fun, age-appropriate comic-style content about science, math and engineering.
  • Facebook Instant Articles Now Support Google AMP
    Amid growing disillusionment among publishers with Facebook's Instant Articles, the social network is hoping to win back some favor by making its publishing service compatible with other major platforms. It's unclear if these efforts will make up for ad front problems.
  • Facebook Works To Pop Filter Bubbles
    To combat the "filter bubble" phenomenon, Facebook is going in the opposite direction, at least in its Trending results. It will now allow users to view reports from multiple news publishers on a given subject, hopefully yielding different perspectives on the same topic.
  • Scribd Adds News To Subscription Service
    Beginning this week, as part of their $9-per-month subscription, Scribd members will get access to a variety of content from publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian and Financial Times, as well as from other news orgs publishing online, like NPR and ProPublica.
  • Facebook Looks To Bolster Local News
    The social network is preparing a new initiative through its Journalism Project to give local news a higher profile and more accessibility for Facebook users. There is also a new tool for finding local groups on Facebook.
  • Cover Story: Quit Yer Kremlin!
    The message behind Time magazine's latest cover is so glaringly obvious the editors decided no further comment was necessary. For the first time in 10 years, the cover features no additional text in the form of a headline or caption.
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