• Tribune Tower Is Sold For $240 Million
    A historic transition is underway in Chicago, where the Chicago Tribune will eventually have to leave its namesake home, the Tribune Tower, following the skyscraper's sale to a developer.
  • Newspapers Still Tops For Local News
    Local newspapers are still the top source of news about readers' communities, including their branded Web sites and social media channels.
  • 'NY Post' Catches Hell For Publishing Weiner Sext
    The New York Post, never known as a paragon of good taste, is enduring another round of abuse for a questionable editorial decision. The tabloid is under fire for publishing a sext sent by the sext-addicted, perennially embattled and disgraced New York politician Anthony Weiner, whose now-estranged wife, Huma Abedin, is vice-chairwoman of Hillary Clinton's campaign.
  • More Cuts May Hit Conde Nast
    One of the main changes under consideration would be a big shakeup entailing grouping the company's publications by category or shedding around half of the current team of 13 publishers.
  • 'Guardian' Admits Paying Media Rebates
    British newspaper "The Guardian" is publicly admitting that it pays rebates to ad agencies, although it isn't sharing an actual dollar (or pound) figure. The disclosure is important because it could involve advertising and media agencies in the U.S., where the practice of media rebates is more controversial than in the U.K.
  • Melania Trump Threatens News Pubs With Legal Action
    GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump's wife Melania is threatening to sue the British newspaper the Daily Mail, as well as a number of other publications, for defamation. They published stories suggesting that the modeling agency she worked for in the 1990s was also an escort service,
  • Univision Paying Denton For Noncompete
    While Gawker founder Nick Denton has said that he intends to leave the gossip business, Univision Communications, which just acquired most of Gawker Media's sites, isn't taking any chances. The Hispanic media giant will pay the erstwhile CEO the tidy sum of $16,666 per month for two years as part of a noncompete agreement,
  • Frank Ocean Publishes Popup Magazine With New Album
    After several years in the works, recording artist and producer Frank Ocean released a raft of new music last week including a visual album, "Endless," and an audio album, "Blond," which is being packaged with a special popup magazine called "Boys Don't Cry."
  • UK Newspapers Threatened With Ad Boycott Over Anti-Immigrant Stance
    The controversy over Brexit, stemming in large part from fears of uncontrolled immigration, was a big boon to many British newspapers - but they may soon pay a price for allegedly stoking anti-immigrant sentiment with their coverage.
  • Gannett Raises Bid For Tronc
    This week, Gannett raised its bid once again for Tribune, although the exact dollar figure for the new offer hasn't been disclosed. Tronc previously adopted a "poison pill" defense to fend off Gannett's original bids.
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