• 'Mental Floss' Folds Print Edition, Goes Online-Only
    The 'Mental Floss' site currently attracts roughly 20 million unique visitors per month, according to owner Dennis Publishing, which acquired the company back in 2011. By contrast, the print magazine remained a relatively modest affair with a circulation of 150,000.
  • Sourcepoint Helps Publishers Tackle Ad-Blockers
    Sourepoint delivers messages to ad-blockers and presents them with various options to gain access to content while compensating publishers appropriately.
  • 'Pittsburgh Tribune-Review' Folds Print Edition
    Trib Total Media, the publisher of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, announced it will cease publishing the print version of its flagship newspaper effective December 1, at which point it will become a purely digital publication.
  • Hearst Unveils Outdoor Display At Hearst Tower
    Magazines, newspapers, TV and now - digital signage. Hearst has unveiled a major new digital out-of-home display at the landmark Hearst Tower, located just south of Columbus Circle at 57th Street and 8th Avenue in Manhattan, which will be used to promote the company's portfolio of media brands.
  • 'Rolling Stone' Sells Stake To BandLab, Preps Global Push
    Rolling Stone publisher Wenner Media has sold a 49% stake in the magazine to BandLab Technologies, a digital music and media company based in Singapore, for an undisclosed sum.
  • UK Newspapers Ask Gov For Help Against Google, Facebook
    Newspapers are getting cheated of the value of their own work by Google and Facebook, according to the official organization of British newspaper publisher. It argues that the tech companies pose an existential threat to quality journalism and is asking the British government for help.
  • 'People' Prints Extra Issue For Brangelina Split
    It doesn't matter if you are literally living under a rock somewhere (and if you are, I'm sorry for your troubles). There's no way for anyone not to know that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are getting a divorce. Neolithic tribes in the Amazon were alerted by smoke signal; goat-herders in rural Mongolia heard about it from the wind; and the pygmies of Central Africa knew about it before we did -- don't ask how.
  • Philly Papers' Nonprofit Org Gets A Boss
    A pioneering attempt to reinvent newspaper ownership is underway in Philadelphia, where the owner of the city's two largest newspapers, The Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News, is handing control of the papers to a new nonprofit organization, called the Institute of Journalism in New Media.
  • Kim Kardashian Blasts 'WSJ' For Genocide Denial Ad
    While you might not think of Kim Kardashian-West as a firebrand on social issues, the reality TV show star and Web celebrity does have some causes that are near and dear to her. One is so important she took out a full-page print ad in The New York Times to administer a good tongue-lashing about the controversy over the Armenian genocide.
  • Conde Nast Preps Reorg
    A report suggests Conde Nast is heading for a major shake-up, which could come as early as October. One speculation: the role of publisher will be eliminated.
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