• Upproxx, BroBible Publisher Raises $18.5M, Boosts Video Efforts
    Digital publisher Woven, which owns sites targeting young men with lifestyle content including Uproxx, BroBible, and HitFix, announced that it has raised $18.5 million. The new funding will help Woven incerase its video production capabilities.
  • Facebook Demotes Publisher Content In Newsfeed
    After wooing publishers with promises of faster delivery times and huge audiences, Facebook is reversing course, at least to some degree. The revamped algorithm will give greater emphasis to content from users' personal contacts, while decreasing the amount of content they see from publishers and brands.
  • Global Newspaper Circ Rises On Asian Growth
    Global newspaper circulation is increasing, due entirely to strong growth in Asia, which more than offsets decreases in most other parts of the world last year, per the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers. The catch? It's not translating into higher revs.
  • Print Ad Declines: Newspaper, Magazine Revs Fall Again
    According to the Census, total U.S. newspaper publishing revenues including advertising and circulation fell 4.4% from $6.51 billion in the first quarter of 2015 to $6.22 billion in the first quarter of 2016.
  • UK Newspapers Backed Brexit By Huge Margin
    British newspapers also played a significant role in forecasting - and, perhaps, producing - the "Leave" vote in the first place. In an odd situation reflecting the unusual distinction between British weekend and weekday editions, the weekday 'Times' backed remain, while its weekend edition, The 'Times On Sunday,' backed leave
  • German Tabloid Woos Brits With Promise To Drink Tea, Supply Bond Villains
    With the vote over Britain's membership in the EU finally under way, Germany's biggest tabloid, Bild, is trying to lighten the mood a little bit with a cover story offering a number of tongue-in-cheek incentives to the British people to vote "Remain," supposedly offered by their German friends in a spirit of camaraderie, tweaking British and German foibles along the way.
  • Vice Bows International Content Deals
    Hipster news juggernaut Vice Media is about to gain access to vast new audiences through new content production and distribution partnerships spanning Asia, Africa, the Americas, Australasia and the Middle East. The deals cover mobile, online, and broadcast distribution.
  • Ads Near Premium Content Get More Attention
    Publishers have long contended that "content is king" and marketers benefit from adjacency to quality editorial as a way of differentiating themselves and justifying higher ad prices. Now they're getting some data to back up their pitch.
  • UK Newspapers Consider Sales Tie-up
    Top execs from the Telegraph Media Group, Trinity Mirror, and Rupert Murdoch's News UK are meeting to discuss possibly forming a consortium for advertising sales. The idea would be to encourage more ad spending by streamlining the process, offering cross-publisher discounts for volume, and cutting costs in sales.
  • Dads Have 940 Weekends, And Fatherly Has An Idea For Every One
    This special occasion also serves as a reminder of the huge disparity between online media targeting moms and dads. Fatherly, a Web site targeting young fathers, is filling this yawning chasm with all sorts of advice, tips and suggestions - and big brands.
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