• 'Vice' Reporters Detained in Turkey
    Vice reporters have apparently run afoul of the Turkish government, which has been employing increasingly repressive measures against news organizations reporting on the confused, violent situation in the country's east.
  • New Mag, 'Clever Root,' Lights Up Cannabis Industry
    With marijuana legal for recreational use in Washington, Colorado, Oregon and Alaska, and medicinal uses in dozens of other states, legal cannabis cultivation and retail is set to expand rapidly in the coming years. And a big part of that will be edible marijuana in all its forms, from entre-style dishes to desserts and liqueurs.
  • Gannett, Ancestry Create Digital Archives for Local Papers
    America's local newspapers are a unique historical resource, providing a window into the daily doings, attitudes and prejudices of ordinary people across the decades, in some cases as far back as the mid-19th century. However this archival resource typically haven't been available to most people outside the newspapers' own offices and a few select libraries -- until now.
  • NYT's T Magazine Gets Online Revamp
    The New York Times' T Magazine is getting a new look online including new formats, graphics, and advertising options, the newspaper publisher announced recently. The online makeover was unveiled concurrently with the print magazine's new Women's Fashion issue, which hit newsstands on August 23.
  • Worth Taps Captivate to Promote Power 100
    Worth magazine, which targets affluent readers with coverage of entrepreneurship, finance, and lifestyle topics, is tapping into digital out-of-home media through a partnership with Captivate, which operates a DOOH network in major office buildings across the country.
  • Economist Plans Global LGBT Conference
    The Economist is preparing to launch a new global conference about LGBT rights, spanning the social, legal, and commercial implications of campaigns in various parts of the world -- from developed countries in the west, where public opinion about issues like gay marriage seems recently to have passed a tipping point, to emerging markets in Africa and Asia, where social acceptance remains rare and attitudes towards LGBT individuals are often openly hostile.
  • Banner Ads Still Lead Monetization Strategies
    Display ads still dominate monetization strategies for online publishers. Web site banner ads are employed by around 80% of the publishers surveyed by HubSpot, while email banner ads and native content are the next most popular, at around 70% each.
  • Meet The People Who Want To Die On Mars
    One of the weirder projects spawned by the democratization of space flight is Mars One, an independent program that seeks to send human colonists on a one-way trip to Mars. Endgaget's "Citizen Mars" digital video series will follow the lives of five aspiring Mars "colonists."
  • 'Yoga Journal' Celebrates 40th With Good Karma Awards
    'Yoga Journal' salutes its 40th anniversary this September with a special anniversary issue and the launch of its Good Karma Awards, recognizing individuals who have helped advance yoga and contributed to the yoga community. It comes less than a year after 'Yoga Journal' relaunched the print magazine and its Web site last October.
  • Mobile Growth Lags For UK Publishers
    Having endured the decline of print advertising revenues, the rise of mobile media presents yet another conundrum for publishers, which have seen their audiences migrate to mobile platforms -- but found monetizing this traffic a much more challenging proposition.
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