• Harry Potter's Moving Newspapers Are Now Real
    The special issue of 'Empire' magazine, preceding the premiere of the new Harry Potter spinoff, "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them," features digital video players embedded in the cover of the print edition.
  • Banks Derailed Gannett's Tronc Deal - At Least For Now
    The cause of this week's mysterious last-minute delay in the proposed acquisition of Tronc (formerly Tribune Publishing) by Gannett has been revealed. Several potential lenders pulled out because they believe Gannett's latest offer of $18.75 per share overvalues Tronc significantly.
  • Gannett, Tronc Deal Hits Wall
    Gannett's impending acquisition of Tronc, formerly Tribune Publishing, appears to be less impending than before. The last-minute hiccup may concern provisions in the deal that are intended to secure the editorial independence of the 'Los Angeles Times,' the long-troubled crown jewel of the Tronc empire.
  • Gannett Cuts More Jobs
    This week, Gannett, the nation's largest newspaper publisher, announced plans to lay off roughly 350 employees, or around 2% of its total workforce of about 18,700.
  • Adelson's 'LVRJ' Gives Trump His First Big Newspaper Endorsement
    Admittedly, the endorsement is lukewarm, at best. Like many other arguments advanced in favor of the Republican front runner, the rest is mostly a scathing indictment of his opponent.
  • 'Rolling Stone' Pulls Story About NBA, Domestic Violence
    Rolling Stone is developing a pattern when it comes to its stories on controversial topics: retract them when you get push back.
  • The New Thigh Gap: Not Having Joints
    Astute observers of 'W' magazine has noted in the unabashedly bizarre cover image Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid that their knees have been Photoshopped out of existence.
  • Bros Rejoice! 'FHM' Returns
    Bauer Xcel Media, the independent digital division of the celebrity and lifestyle publisher, is resurrecting 'FHM' magazine online after a decade-long hiatus.
  • 'Vogue' Breaks With Tradition, Endorses Clinton
    One of the many pieces of collateral weirdness is the number of publications that have abandoned their longstanding political neutrality to issue an official endorsement. Vogue's editors were quick to note that the magazine doesn't usually do this kind of thing, but that unusual circumstances demanded it.
  • Facebook Will Rank Ad Placements On Audience Network
    Facebook will measure the effectiveness of individual ad locations on Web sites and apps, going beyond simple click-through rates to give greater weight to placements that actually result in consumers taking some action after the initial click.
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