• Newspapers Vow No April Fools' Jokes, Citing Fake News
    In a sobering sign of the times, Scandinavian newspaper publishers said they will not publish April Fools' Day jokes, as they have in previous years, citing the rise of fake news distributed via social media and other online platforms.
  • Publishers Look To Profit From Platforms' Content Woes
    Big brand advertisers don't like to have their messages appear next to terrorist recruitment videos - who knew? - which has become a major headache for Google's YouTube platform. But it is also an opportunity for premium publishers to tout their trusted, non-terrorist-recruiting content as brand-safe ad environments.
  • AT&T Subscribers Get Digital Mags From Readly
    The exclusive partnership centers on a custom version of Readly's digital reading app, called Readly Select, which it created specifically for AT&T. Users can access the magazines on up to five devices on their AT&T Wireless account, and may choose new titles at the beginning of each month.
  • 'Daily Mail' Headline A Fitting Epitaph For Democracy
    British tabloid 'Daily Mail' may have unwittingly penned the epitaph for democracy with a headline so contemptible it might qualify as self-parody. It's egregiously sexist -- while pandering to the worst kind of idiocy.
  • Gay Dating App Grindr Launches Online Magazine, "Into"
    Yes, the pioneering dating app for gay men, which debuted in 2009, three years before Tinder, is launching its own online magazine, Into, whose title may or may not be a naughty double entendre.
  • Dossier Details How Russia Uses Fake News To Influence Elections
    In the latest revelation, a Russian dossier intercepted by Bulgaria's intelligence service outlines how pro-Russian politicians there should employ fake news and other types of deception, such as distorted polls, to secure victory.
  • UK Ad Boycott Campaign Widens To Newspapers
    The British advocacy group Stop Funding Hate is expanding its list of targets for an advertising boycott intended to punish newspapers that publish inflammatory, inaccurate stories about immigrants and minority groups.
  • Forecast; Native Ads Will Dominate Display
    A growing proportion of this revenue coming from channels other than social media platforms, including media and publishing Web sites. Overall native advertising spending will increase 33% from a total of $16.21 billion in 2016 to $22.09 billion in 2017.
  • Merkel Read 'Playboy' Interview Before Meeting Trump
    That interview makes for interesting reading now, not only as proof of how long Trump has held some of his core convictions - his admiration for authoritarianism - and behaviors -his massive self-delusion - but also as a window into the mercurial mind and Hobbesian worldview of our commander-in-chief.
  • Newspaper, Mag Revenues Fell In 2016
    According to the latest quarterly report from the U.S. Census Bureau, total newspaper publishing revenues fell 6.3% from $7.12 billion in the fourth quarter of 2015 to $6.67 billion in the fourth quarter of 2016, Magazine publishing revenues slipped 0.4% from in the same period.
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