• 'High Times' Gets New President and CEO
    High Times, the iconic magazine devoted to the world of cannabis, is getting a new president and CEO with the appointment of David Kohl to lead the company. But how High Times should re-position itself to serve its audience in an era when marijuana is going mainstream?
  • Axel Springer To Buy Business Insider - For Guess How Much
    German publisher Axel Springer announced it is acquiring Business Insider, the digital media startup founded by veteran investor and financial journalist Henry Blodget in 2009, for a whopping $343 million -- making it by far the biggest investment in a "pure-play" online publisher to date.
  • What's In a Name? RDA Rebrands as Trusted Media
    After almost a century (93 years, to be precise) as the Reader's Digest Association, the publisher of the iconic magazine -- and the world's first media aggregator -- is getting a new identity as Trusted Media Brands.
  • 'Consumer Reports' Undergoes Strategic Realignment
    Consumer Reports, is undergoing a strategic realignment that will significantly expand its digital capabilities with the goal of increasing its reach and influence. The realignment includes reorganization at the executive level as well as investments in new technology.
  • WGBH Buys GlobalPost
    Public media powerhouse WGBH, which produces educational and documentary programming, including the long-running science series NOVA, is acquiring GlobalPost, an online news Web site which posts content from around the world.
  • WaPo Posting Everything To Instant Articles
    This week WaPo announced that it is sending all of its stories to Facebook for formatting as Instant Articles -- in essence making the publication's entire output available for perusal via Facebook's iOS app.
  • Snoop Dogg Launches Media Company Devoted to... Just Guess
    Rapper Snoop Dogg is launching a media company, "Merry Jane," and you get one guess what vertical it is focused on (and if you can't figure it out you must be, like, really stoned).
  • 'The Onion' Takes On Celeb Media With StarWipe
    Having invented a whole new category of media with The Onion's mock journalism, and skewered click-bait tripe with ClikcHole, publisher Onion, Inc. is moving on to the torrid, vacant miasma that is celebrity gossip. It is launching its own gossip Web site: StarWipe.
  • Tribune Board Fires Back
    Tribune Publishing Company's board of directors has no intention of reversing its decision to fire Austin Beutner as publisher of the Los Angeles Times or of selling the newspaper.
  • Apple News Launches, More Publishers Sign Up
    Apple News launched Wednesday with growing momentum, thanks to a raft of new publishers that announced partnerships simultaneously with the unveiling. The list of new publishers on board with Apple News includes GQ, New York and Epicurious.
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