• Former 'USA Today' President Named 'LVRJ' Publisher
    A month after its sale to GOP donor Sheldon Adelson, the 'Las Vegas Review-Journal' is getting a new publisher. Craig Moon, who formerly served as president and publisher of USA Today, is taking over the top spot. His appointment is widely viewed as a move to burnish the newspaper's reputation.
  • FIFA Launches New Magazine, Doesn't Mention Corruption
    The international soccer league - notorious as one of the most corrupt sporting organizations to ever exist, its logo often appearing next to the word "corruption" in the dictionary - is launching a new monthly magazine to replace its weekly newsletter.
  • Meredith Media Group Up 10% In Revs, Gains $60M As Media General/Nexstar Merge
    The planned merger between Meredith Corp. and Media General is kaput, but Media General is paying Meredith $60 million in cash for being released from its obligations. Also this week, Meredith's national media group, which includes its consumer magazines, led the way with a 9.9% increase in total revenues.
  • Canadian Newspapers Reeling From Bad News
    The Canadian newspaper industry is quietly, politely imploding, with a wave of layoffs, dropped print editions and outright closures across the Great White North.
  • 'Guardian' Prepares Steep Cuts
    In one of the starkest reminders of newspaper financial distress, The 'Guardian' is preparing to slash costs by around 20% in order to "safeguard" the newspaper's future, the publishers revealed in a meeting with employees on Monday.
  • 'National Review' Devotes Issue To Taking Down Trump, Crickets Are Heard
    The Republican Party has chosen the form of its destroyer, but instead of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, it foolishly chose another white leviathan from deep in its collective unconscious: Donald Trump.
  • Penthouse Bares All: It Is Still In Print
    Reports that week suggested 'Penthouse' magazine was shuttering print op and going digital-only. Not true. The press release was confusing but the facts are now clear: It's still a print publication.
  • News You Can Use: 'Oregonian' Grows Its Own Weed
    Not afraid to be service-y, with marijuana now legal in its home state, The Oregonian of Portland, OR, has (unintentionally) developed its own strain of cannabis and is sharing lessons to help readers cultivate their own plants at home.
  • Univision Buys... 'The Onion'?
    It may be one of the least-obvious media deals ever to transpire. Spanish-language broadcast channel Univision has acquired a controlling interest in The Onion, a satirical news publisher.
  • 'Penthouse' Ends Print Run, Goes Digital-Only
    It's the end of an era, or something. 'Penthouse; magazine owner FriendFinder Network announced Friday that it will cease publishing the skin mag's print edition and switch to a digital-only format.
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