• One Quarter Of News Revenue Will Come From Native By 2018
    As big a role as it plays now, native advertising looms even larger in the future of the news media, according to a new study by two global trade organizations, the International News Media Association and the Native Advertising Institute.
  • Axel Springer Boss: Facebook Doesn't Need To Police Fake News
    Media executive argues that as a technology platform, it is not Facebook's responsibility to begin filtering content beyond removing items that are obviously illegal. He warned this would give the social network virtually unprecedented power.
  • Time Inc. Spurns Takeover By Bronfman
    Over the weekend, Time Inc., rejected a takeover bid from billionaire Edgar Bronfman Jr., the Seagram's heir who previously engineered a takeover of Warner Music Group. The offer would have valued Time Inc. at around $1.78 billion.
  • Telegram Launches Telegraph For Long Form Publishing
    A new publishing platform from messaging app Telegram is putting an unusual spin on traditional publishing and distribution with its new "Telegraph" publishing tool. It allows users to post content without having to even create an account.
  • 'Politico' Editor Resigns After Publishing Alt Right Leader's Address
    'Politico' editor Michael Hirsh was forced to resign his position after posting the addresses of a leading white supremacist, Richard B. Spencer, on social media. He seemed to suggest followers show up with baseball bats.
  • Trump Unleashes On The 'NYT' - Again
    The nation's liberal newspaper of record, 'The New York Times', has proved to be the favorite target of the rumbustious president-elect. Early Tuesday morning, Trump took to Twitter to slam the newspaper.
  • Airbnb To Launch Magazine
    One of the world's most iconic tech startups is reaching for a traditional medium as it seeks to build brand awareness and loyalty. Over the weekend, Airbnb, the room-sharing app that allows homeowners and renters to host paying guests, announced plans to launch a new custom publication.
  • Newspapers Sue FCC Over Cross-Ownership Rules
    The News Media Alliance, previously the Newspaper Association of America, filed a lawsuit contesting the Federal Communications Commission's most recent affirmation of the cross-ownership ban.
  • Tycoon Uses Full-Page Ads To Break Up
    "Say it with diamonds" is wise romantic advice when things are going well, but when it's time to end a relationship, "say it with newsprint" is the way to go. That's what Hong Kong retail tycoon Joseph Lau, the world's 65th-richest man, did earlier this week.
  • Advertisers Dump UK Newspapers For Anti-Immigrant Coverage
    British newspapers that whip up anti-immigrant sentiment in their reporting and opinion columns may soon find themselves taking a hit in their pocketbooks, thanks to a new campaign protesting inflammatory rhetoric. It urges advertisers to drop offending publications - call it the anti-anti-immigrant campaign.
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