• Facebook, Google Move To Limit Fake News
    The two tech giants are taking steps to ensure that falsehoods don't run rampant in future elections - and other important events. Facebook is banning fake news publishers from the Facebook Audience Network, which allows advertisers to include sites from outside Facebook in their ad campaigns. The net's News Feed is another story.
  • Are Newspapers Ready For Their New Role - As Targets?
    Trump's latest angry tweet -- about the 'NYT,' is a wake-up call for the whole mainstream news media. It shows the president-elect has no intention of changing his approach to newspapers and broadcast news programs he has long condemned as part of a corrupt establishment.
  • 'People' Catches Flack For Trump Cover
    If you've seen the videos of people crying over Donald Trump's election victory, you already know how delicate some Americans are when it comes to politics. In fact, some folks are apparently so sensitive they can't even look at a picture of the man.
  • With Trump Win, Polls And News Orgs Face Crisis Of Credibility
    Donald Trump's surprising victory over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election has done more than simply defy expectations. It calls into question the integrity and accuracy of dozens of polls that showed Clinton with a several-point lead over Trump.
  • Apple News Audiences Growing Fast For (Some) Publishers
    While big tech platforms like Facebook and Snapchat have been reducing the amount of real estate they make available to publishers, there is a spot of good news. Some publishers are seeing growing audiences with Apple News.
  • More Local Campaigns Printing Fake Newspapers
    Across the country, candidates for office at the state and county levels have been printing and distributing fake "newspapers" touting their positions and achievements, while trashing their opponents with claims that are often untrue.
  • UK Newspapers Freak Out Over Brexit Ruling
    British tabloids are really letting themselves go in response to a high court's ruling that the new government formed by Prime Minister Theresa May must - gasp! - ask Parliament for approval before initiating the provision that triggers Brexit. The language is so inflammatory, it's not unreasonable to fear for the judges' safety.
  • Newspapers Endure Another Bad Quarter, Total Revs Fall
    Although there were some bright spots for the nation's newspapers, for example in growing digital advertising revenues, these were typically more than offset by the continuing decline in print ads.
  • 'Gawker' Settles With Hulk Hogan
    Gawker Media agreed to pay Hogan (real name Terry Gene Bollea) $31 million to end the lawsuit. That's a fraction of the $130 million originally awarded to Bollea by a Florida jury. Bollea heads off any lengthy continuation of the trial in a court of appeals, whose outcome might be unfavorable to him.
  • Gannett Pulls Plug On Tronc Bid
    After six months of high-profile negotiations, maneuvering and a deeply misguided rebranding, Gannett's bid for Tronc has ended up in a big old pile of nothing. On Tuesday, Gannett officially announced that it is withdrawing its offer to buy the former Tribune's newspapers.
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