• IAB's Rothenberg Calls For Industry Effort Against Fake News
    The entire online media business is responsible for stamping out the phenomenon of fake news, per IAB's president. He likened a "linear connection" between fake news and trolls of digital marketing and media.
  • Breitbart's Bannon Joins National Security Council
    Over the weekend, President Trump appointed him to the "principals committee" of National Security Council. Steve Bannon is credited with reinvigorating Trump's flailing presidential campaign.
  • Conde Nast Drops Publisher Title, Adds New Ones
    Conde Nast is ditching the title of publisher in favor of two new roles: Chief Business Ofifcer, akin to group publishers with responsibility for multiple magazine brands, called "brand collections," and Chief Industry Officer, focused on specific client advertising categories.
  • Facebook, Google Move Against Fake News
    Facebook and Google both unveiled changes intended to curtail fake news, as well as expose users to a broader range of information sources in Facebook's case.
  • Gov. Christie Revives Bill To Axe Legal Notices
    Like Garfield and his bottomless pan of lasagna, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has an apparently boundless appetite for revenge. Sidelined by Trump, he returned to the pressing business of punishing his state's newspapers for daring to criticize him.
  • Platform Partnerships Remain Small Part Of Publishing Biz
    For all the attention they have garnered over the last few years, distribution partnerships with big tech platforms like Facebook and Google still contribute a relatively small proportion of total revenues for a number of big publishers.
  • Trump Steps Up War Of Words Against Media, Media Fires Back
    Claims made by Trump and his proxies aren't intended to persuade or deceive journalists or the people who get their news from them. Instead, they are simply meant to create an atmosphere of ambiguity - in which objective facts appear unknowable and all information is a matter of personal perspective.
  • Yes, The Big Newspapers Took Political Sides (And It Didn't Work)
    The gaping partisan divide that separates people's political views, also affects their perception of the credibility of the mainstream news media.
  • How Fake News Is Made (Up)
    But how does fake news actually get made? 'BuzzFeed' has uncovered an interesting example illustrating one way. The process is fairly simple: Publish totally unsubstantiated rumors that you heard from some guy.
  • 'High Times' Heads To L.A.
    Los Angeles, already the world capital for legal medical marijuana dispensaries, will doubtless enjoy an even bigger boom with recreational sales, making it a logical destination for cannabis publications of all stripes.
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