• Tribune Publishing: No, We're Not For Sale
    Rupert Murdoch indulged in some good old-fashioned rumor-mongering over the weekend, triggering an online frenzy with his tweet on Friday that Tribune Publishing will be sold in the near future. However, Tribune moved to dispel the rumor Monday, with a statement that it has no offers pending and is not for sale.
  • UK Newspapers Thankful for U.S. Web Audiences
    Britain's Daily Mail recently revealed that 40% of the total monthly audience of 212 million unique visitors to Mail Online comes from the U.S. -- a larger figure than it gets from its home audiences, which contributed 35% of the total.
  • Toyota Takes Over 'Mental Floss'
    Learning and exploring are closely related -- you might even say synonymous -- and Toyota is targeting the intersection of these two activities in its campaign for the 2016 Tacoma, under the umbrella of its "Let's Go Places" theme.
  • Axel Springer Goes To Court Over Ad Blocking
    German publisher Axel Springer, which recently acquired Business Insider and took a stake in Thrillist Media Group, is taking its fight against online ad blocking to the legal arena with a new lawsuit in Germany. It seeks to block the promotion and distribution of a mobile ad-blocking app.
  • Like Drugs, 'The New Yorker' Makes Everyday Events Interesting
    The New Yorker is celebrating its ability to transform everyday situations into intriguing experiences with a new consumer advertising campaign, including online video, social media and print components.
  • Craft Beer Brewer Launches Magazine 'Pallet'
    If you are a thoughtful tippler, an intellectual imbiber, a discerning dipsomanic, then there's a new magazine for you. Delaware craft brewer Dogfish Head has launched a quarterly print title, Pallet, targeting readers who "like to think and drink," as the Web site puts it.
  • Vice CEO Shane Smith Honored With Award Via Roast
    In honor of Shane Smith, CEO and co-founder of Vice, receiving the Frank Stanton Award for Excellence in Communication, big names in the media industry showed up to roast him in front of the rich and powerful.
  • 'Gawker' Ditches Gossip For Politics
    The media world is wiping a tear from its eye this morning -- or maybe it's just heaving a sigh of relief -- with the news that Gawker.com will stop covering media industry gossip in order to focus on politics.
  • Sunset Of The Lad Mags: 'FHM' Shuttered in UK
    The UK edition of 'FHM' magazine, for years the lowbrow rival to Maxim -- yes, such a thing did exist has closed. Also closing is 'FHM' sibling publication 'Zoo' magazine, which focused on "girls, games, gadgets, sport, movies, and funny stuff!" Bauer is also closing their Web sites.
  • When Should Publishers Offer Free Access During Emergencies?
    Big newspaper publishers on Friday and over the weekend faced an internal dilemma, requiring them to balance business against civic duty. When is it appropriate to give free access to news about a major emergency -- and once you've started giving free access, when do you stop?
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