• The Week In Repression: Dozens of Turkish Newspaper Workers Face Life Sentences
    ATurkish court agreed to hear charges against 30 people formerly employed by the defunct newspaper Zaman. They face life in prison for alleged membership in a terrorist organization and trying to overthrow the government during last year's failed coup.
  • WaPo Unleashes Bot Army
    'The Washington Post,' owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, is betting big on bots, including automated chat programs to interact with readers and facilitate internal communications.
  • Amazon Sells Digital Subs, Publishers Gain Global Access
    Embattled publishers got some good news: Amazon's launch of a new service selling online subscriptions, including digital magazines and newspapers, gives publishers access to its vast online retail customer base as a potential audience.
  • 'HuffPost' Gets Redesign, New Name
    The Huffington Post unveiled a new app design, site design, logo, and a new, shorter name: HuffPost. The site's first major overhaul in 12 years, led by CEO Jared Grusd and editor-in-chief Lydia Polgreen, comes not long after iconic founder Arianna Huffington left the company for a new venture.
  • 'NYT' Hits Snapchat Discover, Then Publishes Navigation Guide For Readers
    After publishing stories on Snapchat for two years, The New York Times is expanding its presence on the platform with the debut of its new channel on Snapchat Discover - and published a helpful how-to guide for those who don't get it.
  • Facebook, Google Squeezing Publishers Again
    The platforms giveth, then they puncheth you in the face. That's judging by the seemingly endless reversals by Facebook and Google as they first try to win publishers' favor, then screw them over big time, with changes - justified on grounds of "user experience."
  • Oculus Taps 'USA Today' For VR Experience
    'USA Today' used Facebook's VR platform to create an immersive tour of the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Kentucky. The newspaper's virtual tour, produced in cooperation with the 'Louisville Courier-Journal,' gives viewers an insiders' look at the distillery.
  • Flipboard Enables Video Ads
    Online video is spreading to another new format: digital magazines. Flipboard, which helps publishers produce digital content in magazine-like formats, is introducing new video advertising products for three of its biggest content categories.
  • 'New York Times' Omits Op-Ed Contributor's Terrorist Past
    Marwan Barghouti, a Palestinian activist and convicted terrorist, authored a piece for publication in the 'NYT' - but the newspaper did not supply context. Or mention that he murdered five people - and is suspected of involvement in 21 more deaths.
  • 'Denver Post' Sues Ex Ad Execs Over Trade Secrets
    Amid all the furor over newfangled digital media issues, like ad fraud and programmatic pitfalls, it's good to there's still room in the advertising world for classic moves, such as stealing your company's clients and starting your own business - allegedly.
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