• Employees To Amazon: Drop Breitbart Ads
    Nearly 600 Amazon employees have signed a petition addressed to the company's founder and CEO Jeff Bezos demanding that Amazon no longer advertise products on Breitbart.
  • Newspapers Predict Economy Better Than Confidence Index
    They may not be in the best financial shape, but newspapers are apparently spot on when it comes to predicting the fortunes of the broader economy. Newspaper articles tend to be focused on discrete economic events.
  • 'Daily Mail' Pays Damages To Melania Trump
    The Daily Mail reportedly agreed to pay Melania Trump, First Lady of the United States, around $2.9 million in damages and court costs along with a formal apology for publishing false allegations that she had previously worked as an escort.
  • 'New Yorker' Cover Inspires Feminist Meme
    The April 3 cover of 'The New Yorker' was interpreted as an inspiring message for women in medicine by thousands of people, who took to social media to spread the message - either by sharing the cover image, or recreating it themselves.
  • ShareThis Bows A/B Testing For Publishers On Facebook
    The new tool, called Social A/B, offers streamlined testing and optimization techniques for headlines, images and introductory copy for content published on Facebook. The tool is linked to publishers' Facebook pages, as well as Facebook Ads Manager.
  • 'The Nation' Launches Encrypted Tip Line For Whistleblowers
    The venerable progressive publication, launched in 1865, is embracing encryption technology to offer insiders with sensitive information a way to publicize misdoings, via secure channels including WhatsApp, Signal, and PGP.
  • Time Inc., Speakr Form Influencer Network
    Time Inc., the nation's largest magazine publisher, announced a strategic partnership with Speakr, a media-buying platform connecting brands to social media influencers, to create an influencer network for Time Inc., called Connect.
  • News Corp. Boss Blasts Platforms On Real, Fake News
    Google set the process in motion by presenting news as a commodity, with no regard for the credibility of various sources, and Facebook has merely taken this disregard to the next level.
  • Publishers Warn Advertisers On Dangers Of 'Blind Programmatic'
    Publishers worldwide are capitalizing on the woes of tech platforms, like Google and YouTube, which have recently come under fire for allowing ads to appear next to offensive content. In the UK, regional news publishers are hammering home the message that advertisers can't trust "blind programmatic."
  • Reuters Gets Caught In Fake News Crossfire
    Credible news organization owned up to errors or clarifications. Fake news proponents see this as failure. They even jump on true stories as fake when it disagrees with their world view.
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