Zendesk Acquires Bime To Build Deeper Data, Analytics Capacity

Customer service platform Zendesk recently acquired We Are Cloud SAS, the parent company of Bime Analytics, a cloud-based startup that aims to “conquer the complexity of data” with a friendly user interface and data visualizations.

Mikkel Svane, Zendesk founder, CEO and chairman stated that customers are dealing with exponential growth in customer interactions, and they need a “new, fresh generation of data analytics and visualization tools.”

He added that Bime will allow Zendesk to build “even deeper data and analytics capabilities across our portfolio of products.” After the $45 million acquisition, Bime will continue to be sold and supported as a separate product.

What’s noteworthy about the acquisition is that Zendesk is embracing Bime’s way of handling mass amounts of data, an approach that’s different from transporting and storing data in a single, proprietary home like many marketers, agencies and brands have done.



There’s a huge amount of customer data available and then there’s the question of how to handle, store and analyze it. Cloud-based systems offer an interesting alternative to data centers and possibly represent a more effective method of predicting and tracking customer behavior.

Founded in France in 2009, Bime can be combined with sources or “connectors” – like automated marketing automation software Pardot, for example – and deliver data on sales, marketing, operations or finance to the user.

Bime handles data from sources such as Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Analytics, Salesforce and it also handles Big Data sources such as Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure and SAP HANA.

Today, VentureBeat published research finding $3.8 billion in marketing tech funding in Q3, with most of the money going to analytics and data infrastructure.

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